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Industrial Maintenance Training

Ogeechee Technical College’s Division of Economic Development offers the most progressive and comprehensive noncredit Industrial Maintenance Training in the state of Georgia. Whether it’s incumbent worker training for planned facility upgrades, new employee training to meet growing workforce needs, or the assessment of employees for the development of individualized training plans, Ogeechee Tech’s Industrial Maintenance Training programs will meet any need that you might have.  

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Ogeechee Tech offers the following training opportunities: 

Standardized Industrial Systems Training Courses  

Standardized courses, both short and comprehensive, are developed and offered when several industries request the same type of training.  The curriculum and content provides knowledge and skills that can be applied and utilized throughout all industries.  The content is not specific to one company or type of company.  Courses are identified as basic, intermediate, and advanced, and eligibility requirements will vary depending on the level of the course.  

Customized Contract Training  

Customized Training is developed to meet the specific training needs of current employees.  Programs are designed in collaboration with the company to fill deficiencies in employee knowledge and skills. 

Pre-Hire Customized Skills Assessment 

Hands-on skills/ written assessments of potential new hire candidates who are in the final stage of hiring consideration.  College will utilize standard skills assessments within Amatrol e-Learning Curriculum. 

Employee Customized Skills Assessment 

Written and hands-on skills assessment(s) of incumbent employees to assess current knowledge and skill level.  College will utilize standard skills assessments within Amatrol e-Learning Curriculum. 

“Custom Made: Ogeechee Technical College provides specialized industrial maintenance training to support manufacturing’s new direction” covers the innovative ways OTC is partnering with local business and industry to provide on-demand training for our local workforce.” -  TCSG Talent Pipeline Magazine 

To learn more about Industrial Maintenance training opportunities with Ogeechee Tech, please contact: 

Hal McCool  
Director for Business and Industry Training