Online Learning

At Ogeechee Technical College, we believe in offering programs and courses in multiple formats to meet the needs of our students. Courses may be offered in a traditional face-to-face format, hybrid, or online. The beauty of online learning is that students have the flexibility to complete assignments on their own time within the class schedule. This means it’s perfectly okay to work in your pajamas!

Online Course Orientation: Student Policies & Procedures

Is Online Learning Right for Me?

Prior to registering for online courses, you should make sure online learning is a good fit for you. The most successful online students are those who are able to work independently and submit assignments on time. This requires self-discipline and basic computer skills. Online classes are not “work at your own pace” classes. You will be responsible for submitting assignments and participating in class discussions according to the course schedule.

Student Technology Skills

In addition to being comfortable operating within a technology-based educational environment, possessing basic computer literacy, and being able to perform fundamental computer functions in an efficient manner, online students should be comfortable performing the following tasks:

  • Accessing and using the Internet
  • Using an account name and password to log onto the course site
  • Sending and responding to email
  • Sending and receiving files electronically
  • Participating in online discussion boards
  • Searching websites as well as accessing required Internet-based learning resources
  • Applying basic troubleshooting techniques to “fix” hardware and/or software problems as required

Students must also have reliable access to a computer with Internet. Click HERE to make sure your browser supports the features utilized in Blackboard.

We invite you to experience the convenience and excitement that comes from taking classes online at Ogeechee Technical College.

Proctoring Fees

Instructors who choose to require a proctored event, will outline the requirements on the course syllabus. The proctored event will count a minimum of 20% of the course grade, and will be reflected as such on the course syllabus. Proctored events must be completed by the last day of the term. The proctored event will be administered on the instructor’s home campus and will be monitored by the instructor or another Ogeechee Technical College employee.

Instructors should proctor their own events with some exceptions. If an instructor cannot proctor his/her own event, the instructor should make arrangements in advance with his or her Dean to secure a proctor on campus.

Students living farther than 50 miles from campus who cannot come to Ogeechee Technical College for the event must secure an approved proctor. The site and the proctor must meet the College’s requirements. The student is responsible for any fees if an off-campus proctor is utilized. Students may complete the proctored event at any TCSG college at no cost to the student.

Any student who does not complete a required proctored event as scheduled must submit to the instructor a valid documented excuse within three business days of the scheduled event. If the excuse is approved, the student must arrange with the instructor to reschedule the missed event. Any penalty and makeup directions will be at the instructor’s discretion.

Any student who does not complete the proctored event on the scheduled date and does not present a valid documented excuse within 3 business days will be issued an 0 for the proctored event. 


In addition to online programs and courses offered by Ogeechee Technical College, students enrolled at Ogeechee Tech may take online courses offered by other TCSG colleges through the eCampus platform. Through eCampus, students have the opportunity to take courses that may not be offered at Ogeechee Technical College in a specific term. Your faculty advisor can provide information on eCampus courses offered each term. For more eCampus information click HERE.