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PR & Marketing

Who We Are

The Public Relations and Marketing department at Ogeechee Technical College is responsible for all relevant aspects of promotion, branding, marketing, and internal and external relations of the College. OTC uses a variety of communications tools to deliver an informative, insightful, and integrated approach to marketing Ogeechee Tech’s programs and services through web, video, social media, public relations, crisis communications, print publications, and emerging technologies.

Methodical surveying, data collection, and analysis ensure that the PR and Marketing department are utilizing best practices to put critical workforce building services in the hands of those who need it. 


The PR & Marketing department at Ogeechee Technical College is dedicated to creating and implementing strategic marketing campaigns that provide informative, accurate, and engaging content for OTC's target audiences. Along with supporting the college's overall strategic goals, our team also helps departments develop cost-effective marketing and advertising strategies to enhance growth and visibility for individual programs.

We offer a range of services, including planning, copywriting, design, and production. Additionally, we manage the placement and reservation of advertising across various media, such as newspapers, magazines, billboards, radio, tv, social media, and digital marketing spaces.

Our PR & Marketing team is dedicated to both protecting the Ogeechee Technical College brand and supporting internal departments with their design needs. We manage and uphold the college's branding and style standards, including font, imagery, content, and logo usage. Additionally, we review all content and designs for accuracy and consistency before final printing or publishing.

Beyond creating materials for external and internal audiences, our team is available to assist the campus community in producing professional, attractive, and well-edited publications and advertisements. We are here to ensure that all communications reflect the high standards of Ogeechee Technical College.

Branding Guidelines

The PR & Marketing department at Ogeechee Technical College plays a vital role in managing all informational materials shared with the media. This includes overseeing and distributing content that represents the college, ensuring it accurately reflects our values and mission. Additionally, our team coordinates the preparation and placement of news releases related to our programs, special events, and various activities, making sure that our community and stakeholders are well-informed.

If you have any advertising needs or if the media requests information or a quote on behalf of the college, please reach out to the Executive Director for PR & Marketing. We will be happy to assist and provide the necessary information to meet your needs.

Our photography services are available to the College community for portraits, marketing, documentary, editorial, and special events. While we strive to accommodate all requests, the photography team reserves the right to prioritize requests based on the College's marketing needs. Most photographs taken by the College photographer are available for marketing purposes and are maintained by the PR & Marketing department.


To have your request considered, please email the Art Director with at least 10 days' notice to ensure photographer availability.


Ogeechee Technical College retains the use, copyright, and licensing rights to all images created by staff photographers. Images created for OTC may not be reused, sold, distributed, copied, or manipulated without permission. All rights for reproduction of any image remain with OTC, and any permission to use these images must be obtained prior to publication for any other use.

The PR & Marketing Department at Ogeechee Technical College leverages a broad spectrum of creative and technical skills to establish and maintain an engaging and dynamic web presence for the College. Our dedicated team is responsible for the comprehensive design, information architecture, implementation, and launching of websites for various programs, offices, and departments within the College.

To ensure a smooth and efficient process, web page update requests should be pre-approved and submitted by department heads on behalf of their staff. These requests can be made through the OTC Helpdesk (internal). This process helps us maintain consistency, quality, and alignment with the College's branding and strategic goals. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality web content that meets the needs of both internal and external audiences, enhancing the overall user experience and supporting the College’s mission.