Nurse Re-entry Program

Nurse Reentry Program FAQs

The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG), with the support of the Georgia Board of Nursing (GBON), has developed two pathways to reenter the high-demand field of nursing in the state of Georgia:

    •    A Registered Nurses (RNs) Re-entry Program, and
    •    A Practical Nurses (LPNs) Re-entry Program

Both the RN and LPN re-entry programs, approved by the GBON, provide the individualized combination of 40 hours of independent online study (delivered via Blackboard) and 160 hours of clinical study required by the Board for reinstatement of licensure as a registered professional nurse.

These nurse re-entry programs are designed for those nurses who are presently ineligible for reinstatement of their license because the license has lapsed or has been inactive. Nurses who have active licenses returning to direct patient care who have not worked in the clinical area for some time may also benefit from this program.

These programs are on-demand are you are able to begin as soon as you complete the necessary registration steps. Please reach out to Bob Olliff to learn more about how to get started.



For more information visit TCSG's Nurse Reentry Program page.